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We are a cross-functional team of data scientists, engineers, designers and domain experts with particular expertise in finance, risk and regulatory data.

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Our work is driven by our clients … leveraging ConTXT, our open data platform, to deploy solutions faster, smarter and safer.

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Our work is driven by understanding our clients' challenges to inform ideas for a user-led development process. Our passion is building value for clients by combining data science, engineering and analytics via digital cloud or on-premise solutions. Leveraging ConTXT, our open data platform, allows us to deploy solutions for clients faster, smarter and safer.

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Our Approach

Our approach to digital design, engineering and analytics is a growth cycle of innovation. We take you from your vision to its successful execution through rapid iterations of design and deployment, gathering feedback to learn and provide a continuous loop of improvement and growth. A growth cycle to position you as a leader in your industry.

Experts in Digital, Design, Engineering and Analytics

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Our Services

For a successful digital solution, JC Chapman experts work with your business to understand its challenges and explore opportunities where and how technology can provide the greatest benefits. But success is not just about technology. Working with key stakeholders we identify possible issues and ways forward through a clear and agile implementation roadmap; a roadmap that plans for rapid iterations of testing where our UX experts gather feedback to ensure a great user experience, bridging gaps in processes with complementary operating models, establishing an architectural runway for continuous implementation and deployment and maximising the overall value achieved for your business.

Through a lean innovation and exploration cycle, our UX specialists will take you from initial idea to deployed solutions, with a customer-driven focus at all times. Our vision-to-execution methodology, starts with understanding your vision, goals and challenges to define a solution strategy with measurable objectives forming a clear roadmap. A lean, agile toolkit of ideation, design sprints, MVP’s and rapid iteration will provide immediate user feedback to ensure you stay on the path to success.

Needs can vary dramatically depending on a business, its challenges and its goals. Leveraging our deep engineering experience, our experts look at each business' needs to determine the right solution architecture that will provide the greatest value. Through our engineering toolset, we can customise the implementation to integrate it with existing business architecture and provide future scalability.

Data is your most valuable asset and your business growth greatly depends on the insights you gain from it and the processes it can be used to automate. Our engineers and scientists will help you maximise the value your data provides to your future success, including:
- Setting up data pipelines to gather, clean and transform data;
- Machine learning and models to structure and automate data;
- Analytical algorithms to discover insights and inform decisions; and
- Visualisations to communicate, report and share.